Ways To Support Ukraine

Ways To Support Ukraine

In our 3/1/22 email newsletter, we shared resources to support Ukraine, as this humanitarian crisis hits close to home. This will be updated as we receive more information. Feel free to comment if you have additional resources.


Ways to Support Ukraine & Ukrainian Refugees

My heart is heavy this week as my birthplace Kyiv is under attack. This unwarranted invasion of Ukraine is senseless and cruel. Like so many others, my grandpa & our family friends have been sleeping in the subway bomb shelter for a few nights now. I am praying for this to de-escalate but in the meantime, thousands of refugees and those who have remained in Ukraine need help.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me personally and offered support or asked how they can help. Even from a distance, there are a few things we can do to at least try to minimize the stress for the people in Ukraine and show our support

1. Donate directly toward the International Committee of Red Cross, which is providing 80,000+ hygiene parcels and assisting with the evacuation of the elderly & those with disabilities. It is also providing food & necessities to the 8000+ people sheltering in the subway system. You can also donate to the Ukrainian Red Cross directly HERE.

2. Donate directly to UNICEF, which is providing psychological support to children & families as well as access to basic necessities and medical care.

3. Donate directly to Razom which is focusing on purchasing medical supplies for critical situations like blood loss and other tactical medicine items. Razom means "together" in Ukrainian.

4. Donate supplies (My friend Jolita has shared an Amazon wishlist of needed supplies created by Iuliia Lytvynenko by Ian Dikhtiar ). 

5. On our end, we have also installed a service called ShoppingGives on the site so that

10% of every purchase made on VARYFORMdesign.com will automatically go directly to the charities above (Red Cross, Unicef, and Razom).

VARYFORM is covering processing fees. You will receive a donation receipt as well for tax purposes. Here is a screenshot of the charities EINs if you would like to do any further research.
Please donate directly to the charities or directly to Ukrainian people to make the most impact. If you have additional resources please feel free to share in the comments below.

Thank you, 

Masha DeHaan

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