VARYFORM Partners With 3D Body Scan App TrueToForm to Provide Made-to-Measure Services With Ease

VARYFORM Partners With 3D Body Scan App TrueToForm to Provide Made-to-Measure Services With Ease

TrueToForm x VARYFORM 3D Body Scanning Made-To-Measure

VARYFORM is teaming up with Chicago-based app TrueToForm to bring 3D body scanning to our made-to-measure clients. TrueToForm is an iPhone app that allows you to submit your measurements easily, without having to go to a fitting with us in Chicago or a local tailor. This allows us to create made-to-measure garments for clients anywhere in the US. The app is a quick & easy to way to provide accurate measurements for us so we can adapt our designs for your specific body. Read more below:

Benefits of Submitting A TrueToForm Body Scan With Your VARYFORM Made-To-Measure Order

  • You will receive a garment that you know will fit
  • You can measure yourself from home
  • You will feel confident knowing you’re wearing something made just for you
  • You won’t have to worry about alterations or having to return sizes that don’t fit
  • You don’t have to worry about your size being sold out online, because you can get whatever VARYFORM style you like made in your size on demand
  • You are supporting two Chicago-based, women-founded businesses (VARYFORM & TrueToForm) that are working to bring sustainable practices to apparel production.
  • Help to reduce waste in the fashion industry by showing your support for on-demand production, ensuring every garment has a home.

How To Use TrueToForm

  1. Place your order online & select the Made-To-Measure option (instead of a size).
  2. You will receive an email from TrueToForm with an invitation to submit a scan to VARYFORM along with a 6 digit code.
  3. Download the TrueToForm app (compatible with iPhones with Face ID).
  4. Follow the instructions to submit a scan & send it to VARYFORM.
  5. After your body scan is converted into an anonymous digital mannequin, the design is adapted to fit your unique shape.
  6. In just 3-4 weeks, you will receive your made-to-measure item.
  7. Enjoy!


What is TrueToForm?

It’s a way for us to gather your measurements from a distance without you having to come in for an in-person fit session. TrueToForm is a Chicago female-founded smartphone-based scanning platform that generates highly accurate digital mannequins for apparel design. The patent-pending app uses proprietary algorithms to capture body shape and size in 3D, along with full-body measurements. As a brand, VARYFORM is implementing TrueToForm to be able to better serve our made-to-measure and bespoke clients.


How long does it take to do a body scan?
10 minutes or less!


What should I wear for a body scan?
Figure-hugging but not tight clothes. For example, a pair of non-compression leggings and a cami tank top. Please wear the normal undergarments that you would wear with the finished look. Tie your hair up and out of the way and remove any jewelry that might affect the scan.


How is the data stored & is this secure?
TrueToForm does not collect photographs or videos of scanned users. All data is encrypted for secure transfer and storage. Your measurements and scan are only shared with VARYFORM.

For more details regarding how TrueToForm protects your information, see their Privacy Policy.


Are the measurements reusable?
Once you scan, we don’t have to scan again (for future orders) unless your size changes.


Do I get a real garment in the end?
You get a real garment made to fit your measurements. This is NOT for an NFT or purely virtual fashion, though 3D technology does enable us to design the garment to fit your body.


Do I have to use TrueToForm body scans to order from VARYFORM?
No, not necessarily. If you follow our traditional Size Chart you don’t have to submit a body scan. If you are ordering something that is one size fits all (like the Poncho or an accessory for example), you do not have to submit a scan.


What if I’m not sure about my size or if I need to do a body scan?
No problem. Use the contact form to reach out and we can help you determine which sizing option is best for you.


Is TrueToForm free to use?
Yes, the TrueToForm app is free for you to use as the shopper. The cost of the body scan service is paid for by VARYFORM. However, with made-to-measure, there more required on our end to not only to process the scan but also adapt the pattern to your measurements and reprint the pattern. For this reason, there is a higher price ($25-$100 more depending on how fitted the style is) set on the made-to-measure option for styles. This will be shown clearly when you select the product page option "Made-To-Measure".


What’s the difference between made-to-order, made-to-measure, and custom?
Made-to-order means your order initiates the manufacturing process of the garment and it is made based on a "standard" size related to the size chart. After you place the order, fabric & trims are ordered (if not already in stock), the pattern layout is placed and printed on a special wide set printer, the fabric is cut, sewn, and shipped to VARYFORM to be packaged.

Made-to-measure follows the steps above but adds another step to confirm several body measurements and then apply them to the pattern. All details of the garment design remain the same, only adjusting for the fit on the body.

Custom means the garment is either fully or mostly created from the ground up with fabrics of your choice, patterns custom to fit your unique body, typically tested through multiple rounds of fittings. If you are interested in a custom piece instead of made-to-measure, please use the contact form to reach out.


What if I don’t have a compatible phone? Can I still use TrueToForm?
TrueToForm is only currently compatible with iOS devices that support FaceID. If you do not have a compatible device, you can ask a friend to help you with your scan or you can schedule a studio visit with Masha at VARYFORM to assist with the scan process.

VARYFORM x TrueToForm - 3D Body Scanning App for Made-To-Measure
Masha DeHaan of VARYFORM & Janice Tam of TrueToForm at The Apparel Industry Board in Chicago, IL

Read more about our partnership on TrueToForm's website .

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